How is it Dispensed

“Medical” marijuana laws only require a physician's “recommendation” and not a written prescription.
Green_House“A Medical” marijuana card is issued only if you have received a doctors recommendation.  Patients can grow their own medical marijuana or have a caregiver or grower grow it for them with little to no oversight or controlled circumstances. What does it all mean, extremely limited access to OMMP records by law enforcement, significant abuse of the law, large possession limits, enormous plants producing more and more, an illicit market with huge monetary profits, victimized patients.

Douglas County Sheriff's Office

Photo provided by Douglas County Sheriff's Office

  • Currently there are over 10,424 registered caregivers in the State of Oregon.
  • Currently there is no requirement that an OMMP registered grow site be at a true address.

The address provided by the registrant is what is placed in the Department of Human Service record.

There are increasing reports of OMMP grow sites listed at property addresses that don’t actually exist or at best are extremely hard to locate.

n      “0” Bill’s Road, XXX, OR

n      Milepost 2, Lower XXX Creek Rd., XXX, OR

Grow Site

Each of these OMMP grow sites is actually on a separate tax lot.

In this case, the garden is situated across or near property lines making it nearly impossible to determine who is responsible or where the grow site actually is sited.