How Much is Permitted

The current medi-pot (aka medical maijuana) program in Oregon, allows a so-called patient to possess up to 24 ounces of useable marijuana.  A typical marijuana joint is estimated to weigh about 0.4 grams. A standard joint is 0.4 grams of average-quality 6% marijuana buds, therefore an ounce of "standard pot" can equal more than 60 joints. An ounce of more potent 12% sinsemilla may be as many as 120 joints. Thus the 24 ounces that are allowed under the current Oregon law allows an individual to possess anywhere from 1,400 to 2,880 joints at any given time!

MJ Size comparison

  Left: 24 oz = 1 ½ lbs, the legal limit in Oregon
  Right: 3 oz, the legal limit in Hawaii

In addition to 24 ounces, the law permits the possession of 6 mature marijuana plants and up to 18 seedling plants.  A typical plant can produce between 1 to 5 pounds of smokeable marijuana.  Thus 6 plants could produce 6 to 30 pounds of marijuana per year.  This is 96 to 480 ounces per year, which could roll anywhere from 5,760 to 28,800 joints of "standard pot."  This large amount of unregulated marijuana can easily be diverted for recreational use or sales.