Medical Fraud Marijuana

Red is Blue - The perception that Marijuana is Harmless
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By:  Drug Free Schools Coalition               

CRUDE MARIJUANA DEFINED Various states have approved “medical” marijuana laws to provide legal use of crude marijuana. The laws may permit possession of a certain amount of marijuana and marijuana plants.

 The term “crude marijuana” describes the illicit Schedule I drug that people abuse. The drug is derived from the leaves and flowering tops of the Cannabis plant and is consumed in a variety of ways. The dried plant material is most often rolled in paper and smoked as a cigarette, called a “joint.” It is often placed in smoking devices called “bongs,” smoked in pipes, or smoked in “blunts,” which are cigars from which the tobacco has been removed and replaced with marijuana plant material. Sometimes it is baked in cookies or brownies and eaten, or brewed in tea and drunk. Other methods for consuming the drug are constantly being developed by the drug culture.