Our Philosophy


We engage a philosophy that all battles are embraced. It is part of the circle of collaborative pressure. The old adage that suggests we should pick our battles is one of the many reasons that we actually lose battles, because what happens is, related issues have a way of exploding and expanding while your head is turned the other way. When a more circular approach is taken, you begin to see that the solutions lie in assessing all parts of the problem. This process helps to synergize and provoke new thoughts about how to solve problems. Those who push to develop single focus strategies, with limited minded messages based on polls, will often suffer the ill-effects of frustration and loss because what they have basically done is eliminate any discussion on other related items that are actually part of helping to solve the problem. Clarity and solutions are found when time is spent looking at all the parts involved therefore it is important to build collaborative partnerships that build bridges to others and together you can make a difference.




Mobilizing for change requires a paradigm shift in our thinking. It means we must mobilize rather than monopolize, partner rather than position, build teams and identify and engage talents and skills rather than circumvent available resources, and cast vision with like-minded people and stand side-by-side with one strong purpose-to build a safe drug policy. We are each made for a mission. We are made to go on this mission with other people. We don't need a dictator but rather leaders who are committed to mobilizing, partnering, building bridges, building teams, engaging talents, and building legacies that last. We must measure a person's character by how they work together and care for their community.





We identify and engage available resources and direct these resources towards a common goal helping to maximize our focus on an outcome which results in public safety, quality of life and protection of property values and helps to gain momentum and assure sustainability.